Thank you for choosing a Farr 40 One Design. The quality of our racing concept is totally reliant on Boat owners using the same equipment to place emphasis on sailing ability rather than expensive equipment. The success of our Class can be attributed to the collective belief from all owners to comply to our rules and constitution.

We encourage you to read and understand these rules and urge your representative and crew to become familiar with them. As a boat owner you will be responsible, through the Owners’ Association, with guidance from the Management Group, for further development of the rule, which in turn will maintain a healthy future for the Class. The rules state that the Owner (or charterer) must be a member of the Farr 40 One Design Owners Association to race in any Farr 40 One Design Class event.

A One Design Certificate will be issued to you by the Chief Measurer and you will be required to renew this annually as outlined in the Class rules. It is also required that a copy of these rules and a current One Design certificate be on board the boat at all times, whilst racing One Design. This is to ensure the One Design status is kept at the forefront of all competitors’ minds.

As a new Farr 40 Owners and/or Owner that need refreshing we encourage you to know the rules and if you have any queries, please contact the Australian Class Administrator, Jennie Hughes on 0407 387 302.

Farr 40 One Design Rules

Farr 40 One Design Rules
ISAF Approved
Last Updated: 27 October 2017
Copyright: January 14 1997

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PDF: Printed Version with Integrated Interpretations

Appendix 1 – Rule Weight Conditions
Appendix 2 – Preparation For Measurement
Appendix 3 – Safety Equipment
Appendix 4 – ISAF Sailor’s Classification Code
Appendix 5 – Sail Declaration Form (Word)
– Crew Declaration Form
Appendix 6 – Running Rigging Specifications (PDF)
Appendix 7 – Standing Rigging Specifications
Appendix 8 – Application For Helmsman
Appendix 9 – Class Rule Interpretations And Modification Requests
Appendix 10 – Yacht Owner Compliance Declaration (PDF)
Appendix 11 – Request For Sail And/Or Button Replacement (PDF)
Available in either PDF or EXCEL formats for download.

Drawing # 21 – Deck Gear Layout (PDF)
Drawing # 22 – Interior/Corrector Weight Details (PDF)
Drawing # 23 – Keel, Rudder & Drive Leg (PDF)
Drawing # 24b – Measurement Sail Plan (PDF)
Drawing # 25 – Topmast Backstay Strop (PDF)
Drawing # 26 – Headstay Measurement (PDF)
Drawing # 27 – Masthead Spinnaker Halyard Spectacle Placement (PDF)
Drawing # 28 – Optional Spinnaker Pole Inboard End Fitting (PDF)
Drawing # 29 – Standard Tiller (PDF)
Drawing # 30 – Low Boy Tiller (PDF)
Drawing # 31 Headboard Dimensions (PDF)
Measurement Certificate Complete Boat
Builder Compliance Certificate (Bcc) (PDF)
Mast Compliance Certificate (Mcc) (PDF)

Farr 40 Class Corinthian Trophy (PDF)

Farr 40 Class Association Constitution (PDF)

Farr 40 Australia Special General Meeting 16.10.2015 – Minutes

Farr 40 Australia Special General Meeting 21.10.2016 – Minutes

Farr 40 Special General Meeting 22.9.2017- Minutes