Edake finally hitting their straps at Farr 40 Worlds

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    7 October 2018

    Event: 2018 Farr 40 World Championships, 6-9 October hosted by the Chicago Yacht Club

    Edake finally hitting their straps at Farr 40 Worlds

    The professional boats are proving difficult to beat with Italian team Enfant Terrible in first place, Struntje Light in second, Plenty in third and Flash Gordon in fourth at the end of day two and six races at the 2018 Farr 40 World Championships in Chicago.

    The Chicago Yacht Club race committee ran three races today at 12noon with 10-15 knots from the north east for races 4, 5 and 6 in wet, foggy and windy conditions early on and then fading in the afternoon on Lake Michigan.

    Jeff Carter’s Edake scored a third place in the final race of the day, proving that there is still plenty more to see from this team.  Carter was pleased to finally have a good score after a frustrating few days on the water at his first world championships abroad. “We finally got the boat rig set up and going for the last race of the day and the crew work matched the Italian team Enfant in all facets.”

    Carter added, “We got off to a clean start on the third race with good pace and height, which allowed us to get over the top of Enfant who had to tack away and then we were able to tack onto port and cross the entire fleet, other than Struntje. We were quick downhill and had to work on our pace uphill but Jud (Smith) was able to put us in the right spots at the right time and we maintained our narrow lead over Enfant.  Flash Gordon took a bit of a flyer to the left and was able to get close to Struntje and pass in front of us on the last windward leg.”

    No-one knows better than Gordon Ketelbey that consistency is the key with Farr 40 racing and the Zen Skipper and his Tactician David Chapman will be focussing on this over the final two days of the regatta. “We had a 4-6-8 today which is just keeping us in the running for the Corinthian trophy. We need to get some smaller numbers on the board tomorrow if we are going to beat Norboy.”

    In relation to weather conditions, Ketelbey added, “Sailing was tricky because the wind created a short, sharp chop which was difficult to steer to and reminded us of Port Phillip Bay.  We are still very much in the hunt and the next two days the wind is going to swing south and be much lighter. Fortunately, the weather will be warmer and of course the water will be nice and flat, which will suit us nicely”.

    The Farr 40 Annual General Meeting will be held this evening followed by an Owners dinner at the prestigious Saddle and Cycle Country Club before another three races tomorrow for the second last day of the Farr 40 World Championships.



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